KERMA SPRINTER TUNING FOR VS30 2019+ Sprinter 3.0L 4x4 and 2x4

KERMA SPRINTER TUNING FOR VS30 2019+ Sprinter 3.0L 4x4 and 2x4

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Flash Tuning Now Available!! 

KERMA brings years of experience of tuning the 3.0L diesel engines. We first started tuning 3.0L Engines in 2009. With over 16 years of experience tuning small diesel engines in the USA we have been able to achieve exceptional performance for the VS30 3.0L Sprinter. Our development procedures focused heavily on drivability with reliability. Bringing the end user an exceptional level of driving experience.

Key Features:

-Significant Reduction in Lag (night and day response)

-Increased throttle response for instant Off-Road Capabilities

-Safe power added at 25% (235whp and 406wtq) 

-Designed not to exceed drivetrain, turbo or engine capabilities 

-Designed and tested to perform at altitude (also performs at sea level and in-between)

-Added power in low, mid and top end range

-Smooth power delivery (designed to be refined and smooth)  

-Better driving experience (easy to drive but the power is available when you need it)

-Great for Passing vehicles faster

-Great for going over hills and high mountain passes

 Mercedes Sprinter Stock Original Power for VS30 2019+ 188hp 325tq


NOTE: Some 2022 Sprinter Vans we will not be able to flash at the moment please submit your vin to check status. Please Enter your vin at checkout notes

Fits: 2007-2021 Sprinter 3.0L Engine . Choose Kerma Cable with your own PC (not MAC compatible) or we have a loaner computer that is running 2-3 weeks out with a $300 refundable Deposit.

This is a white gloves install. All you will need is good WIFI and we will install it remotely.